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ConseCrate Subscriptions (2023)

Surprise your pastor, delight your deacon, bless your bishop, or give yourself a gift. ConseCrate exists to inspire, amuse, & indulge clergy. This box features books, ministry gear, wellness products, sustainable solutions, access to online media & coaching, and all sorts of delights created by small businesses & side hustlers. Regularly featuring art and products created by fellow clergy Featuring environmentally friendly, sustainable products Theme of each box will resonate with the corresponding church season 4-6 items each month; Many special gift boxes also available in our "shop" or custom boxes available upon request


Biblio is ConseCrate's book club for ministers and others who are interested in great books and conversation. We will feature a wide variety of books, offer a platform for new authors and their work to be spotlighted, provide an arena for community among different denominations, & discussion and fellowship around big ideas. Subscribers can participate in one of two plans - one provides the surprise of a physical book (and sometimes an additional gift that goes along with the book) in the mail and access to our group and monthly discussion while the other plan provides access to the group and discussion but you can find the book on your own in the format you like. Once a month we will gather for a virtual discussion and include the author as often as possible!